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KAZANO Currency - The solution to prevent fraud in internet games, sports competitions and gambling in online casinos. Which includes change and a global revolution when it comes to providing security and transparency through a third party backed by the blockchain.

With the development of digital currencies, and the opening of the possibility of transferring and receiving funds directly without means, a huge industry of gambling sites, games, and competitions using digital currencies has developed at the same time.
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Through the KAZANO project we provides the template and toolkit for a new era of innovation.
It presents leading technologies, models and methodologies that will help individuals, developers and businesses discover a new opportunity, realize change and enrich their lives.

This is one of the rare opportunities in the world - which through the  KAZANO project enables people to integrate into the system while developing and researching, and to be part of the global revolution of creating a distributed world, improving our interaction and participating in business and creative operations as part of a global company.
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Kazano safe is a savings plan for your KAZ tokens which gives you a chance to enjoy high rewards and accumulate a lot of KAZ tokens during the time in the safe.

There are 2 savings plans:
Plan A: Closing for 6 months, which gives you an additional 14% of your total tokens.
Plan B: Closing for 12 months, giving you an additional 32% of your total tokens.

You will receive your KAZ tokens immediately after closing in the safe according to the type of plan.
During the closing period in the safe it will not be possible to withdraw the tokens until the end of the savings plan period.


The KAZANO currency (KAZ) is a token developed through a smart contract on the protocol and blockchain network of the third generation of currencies, the binance smart chain , and in the middle of its development many businesses have joined it and stated that it is going to be used as a main currency or legitimate currency. KAZ is a high added value and is considered the currency of online casinos and sports, competition, and gaming platforms.

In order to know the currency of the future, we will summarize the Kaz's big father is the binance smart chain.

The first digital currency created is Bitcoin. Bitcoin has undoubtedly brought with it a new line to the world, transferring money from person to person all over the world without an intermediary. In fact, Bitcoin is a smart contract that says that party A transfer’s money to party B. But it turned out that it is not a smart enough contract because it cannot give a solution to many problems like who pays first or other infrastructure problems.

In the second generation came, who if not our faithful friend Ethereum. Etherium is a smart contract that gives access to build more smart contracts on its blockchain.

Discovering it was a wonderful thing and the technology went up a notch in its level, but even with the etherium there were infrastructure problems...

Because many ventures and currencies use the Etherium blockchain, a load is placed on the blockchain.

Take for example the cat game, which caused many delays on Etherium's blockchain.

The third generation that came to solve Ethereum's problems is the binance smart chain.


* The ability and opportunity to purchase the KAZANO coin KAZ token - while developing and forming it through pre-purchase of pre-defined token packages, gives a very rare opportunity for all project partners and all buyers to enjoy huge profit through 3 things done completely automatically.

* The amount of KAZ tokens and coins is limited. The more people purchase the token before it goes public and its value goes up on international exchanges. This value can go up every few days and even every few hours!! The sooner you buy more coins with her in advance, the more you can enjoy a continuous and meteoric increase in the value of the coin until it is issued.

* Annual interest - In addition to the increase in the value of the currency, you enjoy an annual interest attached to each token package purchased in advance purchase!! This interest rate ranges from 5% to 105% and is in addition to the increase in the value of the currency - this interest is added to the initial number of tokens you purchased every day!! - See the token packages offered and the interest rate attached to each package. There is no limit to the amount of token packages you can purchase, and there is no stipulation of having to purchase another package you can purchase as many packages as you want from any type.

* Slip - Controlled crossing / growth events - Every 90 days there is a growth event in the number of tokens held by the early partners who purchased the token packages in advance purchase - each such event adds 15% to the number of tokens you have.

* These three events that operate fully automatically without any action taken on your part allow all project partners who have purchased pre-token packages to enjoy meteoric intervals of exceptional one-time opportunity.

In addition to these actions that operate automatically for completely passive profit - you can enjoy a high referral fee - for every customer who applies and purchases packages of the KAZ currency - you will receive a referral fee of 30% of the packages purchased - 15% available for immediate withdrawal - and 15% in KAZ coins.




Businesses Accepting Kazano

Worldwide Clients

KAZ Token packages in pre-sale

9 Options for early purchase of KAZ token packages + annual interest of additional coins during the period, the interest in addition to the increase in the value of the token according to demand.

$60 Investment

5% Annual Profit

$150 Investment

7.5% Annual Profit

$300 Investment

10% Annual Profit

$750 Investment

15% Annual Profit

$1,500 Investment

35% Annual Profit

$3,000 Investment

45% Annual Profit

$7,000 Investment

60% Annual Profit

$11,000 Investment

75% Annual Profit

$20,000 Investment

105% Annual Profit

The packages are a pre-sale of a pre-issue KAZ token, The KAZ Token as a legitimate means of receiving payment, the KAZANO system is a completely distributed body, without concentration of powers or ownership of digital assets and deals with the development of the blockchain and KAZANO systems that sit on the Binance Smart Chain protocol, and is a control and supervision mechanism for complete systemic decentralization.


25 billion coins were issued
20 billion coins burned !!!
7.5% of what is left - for development teams, commissions and royalties.
The balance is sold at an early sale
In the event that after the end of the early sale, unsold coins will remain and they will be released to the stock exchanges only after one year from the issue in a slow and controlled manner.


The KAZNO currency is a completely decentralized currency, and its value is distributed in a decentralized manner by the evolving community around the world dealing with digital means and cartographic coins as a means of payment, and in particular by the KAZNO community guaranteeing future use of KAZ through early purchase of tokens.

On the other hand, many business owners who recognize the potential of using cryptographic means of payment, security, payment speed, and total globalization without limiting speed, volume or time, as more and more businesses join the use of KAZ currency - the community that uses KAZ automatically grows - and so does value Of KAZ climbs accordingly.


As part of KAZANO community development and as part of the global distribution of the growing community using cryptocurrencies - and distributed digital means of payment, you can develop a personal career and enjoy valuable rewards
Careers can be developed in the following two areas:
Marketing and distribution or ambassador (field of education learning and recognition).

What is an ambassador?
You can write articles, create videos on YouTube, or hold an online seminar, build websites, and advertise on the community that uses distributed digital currencies and in particular on KAZ tokens, in return for your effort in knowing KAZ currency and community globally you will receive a reward for any article or video or A webinar that you will post, the proceeds will be sent to you in KAZ and BNB and BTC coins.
Regional or international marketer -
If you have a high marketing and distribution ability, you can be a partner in spreading the good news about KAZ currency and take part in the early sales of currency packages, and enjoy a unique reward for your personal effort in increasing the community that uses KAZ currency, to be a regional or international marketer. To appoint a reseller through Contact Us, the marketing system will give you the instructions on how to integrate into the distributed reseller community and what rewards you can receive from the international pool set of currencies allocated to resellers.
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